Who am I and what do I do?


Titles and such

I am a gainfully employed academic philosopher.


Academic Positions

University of Cincinnati Professor of Philosophy 2014-now

Carleton University Assistant and Associate Professor Philosophy & Cognitive Science 2003-2013


Research Positions

TAFT Centre Research Fellow University of Cincinnati 2017-8

Laurence S. Rockefeller Visiting Fellow University Centre for Human Values Princeton University 2007-8

Postdoctoral Fellow Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology Program Washington University in St. Louis 2001-3

Carlsberg Research Fellow Lucy Cavendish College Cambridge University 1993-94


University College London PhD 2000

University of Copenhagen CandPhil 1994

(Affiliate studies at University of Bologna 1990-1 and University College London 1991-92)



I study interpersonal understanding and empathy, along with shame, responsibility, and psychopathy.


Research Areas

Philosophy of Psychology
Philosophy of Mind Philosophy of Cognitive Science Philosophy of Psychiatry
Philosophy of Emotions
Moral Psychology

Research Topics

Empathy Theory of Mind Psychopathy Responsibility Moral Emotions Imagination

Research Funding

National Endowment for the Humanities
TAFT Research Centre
University of Cincinnati Canada Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Carleton University European Union (ads. Spain) Carlsberg Foundation Danish Research Academy Anglo-Danish Society Royal Institute of Philosophy University College London



I teach a wide range of topics in the philosophical tradition, both at the undergraduate and graduate level.


University of Cincinnati
Philosophy of Religion Philosophy of Emotions Meaning of Life Philosophy of Psychology Philosophy Capstone

Seminars on: Personal Identity, Empathy, Intersubjectivity and Philosophy of Mental Disorder

Carleton University
Personal Identity and the Self Moral Psychology Contemporary Moral, Social, and Religious Issues Philosophy of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence Philosophy of Religion Introduction to Philosophy

Seminars on: Evolution and Philosophy, Emotions, Moral Emotions, Empathy, Theory of Mind, Mental Disorder

Washington University in St. Louis
Mind and Morals Philosophy of Mind

Seminar on Tacit Knowledge